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Our Mission

Unicorn Games is Australia’s first and favourite online board game retailer dedicated to increasing Australian access to successful niche board game titles.

We found it extremely frustrating reading reviews of amazing board games only to find they were unavailable in Australia, or charged exorbitant shipping fees just to get them to our doorstep in Australia… And decided that Aussies deserved better!

So in May 2016 we set out on a crusade against international shipping fees and retailers telling us that Australia is too far or too small a market.

We’re going to do our best to ensure all the awesome and rare ‘unicorn-like’ board games find their way to Aussie homes to be enjoyed by the coolest people on Earth.


Die Roll FourOur Team

We’re a small team of four board game enthusiasts dedicated to creating a positive community where you can find the board games you’re looking for.

We’ve each got different skill-sets and backgrounds which we’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks. We’re going to have some small interviews so you can get to know our team and their guilty board-game pleasures.

We’ll be updating this section with the interviews in the coming weeks – so stay tuned!